“The Henry Pilcher mechanical action pipe organ at St. Joseph’s Church (1904) lay in quietude for years. Dr. Brian Ebie resurrected it to sweet sound by a major cleaning, renewing the leather pipe stoppers, tightening each mechanical linkage, many tunings, and multiple other deft repairs. An instrument once considered for removal is now once more a valuable contributor to worship. On May 3, 2015, Dr. Ebie accompanied by his wife, Laura Hoopes Ebie, presented an exciting organ and flute concert to an enthusiastic crowd at this historic church. St. Joseph’s Parish is deeply indebted to Dr. Ebie for his skill and devotion to this century old organ and in filling the church with the sound of organ and flute music. Music is the voice of God. Thank you Dr. Brian and Laura!”

Dr. Tom Acker
S.J. Administrator of St. Joseph’s Parish, Randolph, Ohio