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For Sale


For Sale

Periodically, I have an inventory of used organ pipes, used organ parts, reed organs (pump organs), organ sheet music, and books about organs and other music instruments.  Now and then an occasional wind-up phonograph will appear for sale as well.  Feel free to take look around and see what interests you.  Follow the links on each item when you're ready to purchase.  Fill out my contact form if you have any questions or would like more information about anything you see for sale. 

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Used Organ Pipes & PARTS

Used Organ Pipes & PARTS

Used Pipe Organ Parts For Sale

Current Inventory

Wicks Fuga Pipe Organ Stop Rail.  On my eBay site.

Pipe organ swell shade motor.  8 Stage.  Schantz.  Working but needs re-leathered.  $250.00

Swell Shade Pneumatic.  Individual inflated pneumatics move swell shades open and closed.  Working condition.  $75.00

Swell Shades and Frame. 

Swell Shades and Frame.

16' Viola.  32 notes.  4" wp.  Pedal rank. Full length.  Previously mitred but now straight.  Builder unknown.  Grey painted zinc pipes.  Gemshorn-like sound and good fundamentals.  $500.00

8' Dulciana.  61 notes.  4" wp.  Spotted metal with slides.  Builder unknown.  Good to very good condition.  $200.00 or best offer.

8' Dulciana Celeste.  49 notes TC.  4" wp.  Spotted metal with slides.  Builder unknown.  Good to very good condition.  $200.00 or best offer.

8' Vox Humana.  Moller.  61 notes.  4" wp.  Good condition.  $400.00



Our inventory is always changing.  Please check back often.  Local pickup in Akron Ohio preferred.  Some items can be packed and shipped for actual shipping cost plus a modest fee for packing and crating. 

Pipe organ pedal board with oak case.  American Guild of Organists scale, radiating, concave.  Oak case, maple pedals, resin sharps. This unit was until July, 2016 in service and working.  Sold as-is.  The pictures will enlarge pretty well to see details. Some wear on the lower pedals, but still quite playable. In good used condition.  What you see is what you get!


  • 32 note standard scale pedal board
  • compass spring action
  • no electrical contacts--pedals pushed them down with adjustable arms at the end of the pedals.
  • good for pipe organ project or home Hauptwerk, etc midi projects.
  • sold as is
  • see pics for dimensional details.

Thanks for looking!

Buyer pickup preferred in Northeast Ohio.  If shipping is necessary it can be arranged after purchase for crating/packing materials and freight. 


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Phonographs for Sale

Phonographs for Sale

The following list contains phonographs that we have for sale in our inventory.  These are mostly of the floor-model Victor Victrola style, however, from time to time, we do have Edison cylinder phonographs and Edison Diamond Disc phonographs available.  Scroll down to see the phonographs for sale.  Use the contact form to let me know if you're interested.  Thanks for looking. 

FOR SALE:  Victor Victrola Model VV-405S

The VV-405 was one of three deluxe flat-top console models that were introduced in late 1923. These premium machines featured gold plated hardware, a four-spring motor, and elegantly contrasting veneers and stains. The 405 was the most popular of the three, and its basic Spanish Renaissance design theme was used on the popular Orthophonic Granada (VV-4-4) when it was introduced in late 1925. Ornate round turned legs, along with a lateral stiffening "bar" between the legs are the key elements of this machine's design theme. A VV-405S series was soon made available, which allowed the user (or dealer) to install a radio in the area that was intended for record storage. This option allowed both sides of the top to open (the top on "regular" 405's only opened on the right hand side), and added $15.00 to the cost. Except for this difference, all VV-405's have identical features. The 405 remained in the Victor catalog through the first half of 1925, but this machine was manufactured only during 1923 and 1924. The 405 was only available in walnut. 

Plays well--strong spring

Nice tone


FOR SALE:  Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph Model C-150

"Sheridan" Model -- rare-- in oak-- (this model was much more commonly made of mahogany)

C. 1915

Plays well -- Good spring strength

10 Diamond Disc records included!


FOR SALE: 1917 Victor Victrola VV-VI Phonograph

The VI was a slight upgrade from the base VV-IV model, offering a 2-spring motor and slightly larger case. Production was started in October of 1911, and discontinued in 1925. Early models were available only in oak, After 1917, both oak and mahogany versions were produced. During the first few years of production, the VI came with a 10-inch turntable, which was upgraded to the full 12-inch size after 1913. Final production versions as shown on the right have a slightly larger cabinet.

Plays great, sounds great

Strong double spring motor

Oak cabinet





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Reed Organs

Reed Organs

The reed organ or pump organ was a staple of many homes in the middle 19th century.  Often found in Victorian parlors, churches, and concert halls, these instruments are characterized by their artistic cabinetry, craftsmanship, and presence.  Their unique sound, and working the pedals to move air to create the music, add to the unique beauty of the reed organ.  Unless otherwise noted, each instrument is in good playing condition and of the best quality.  Follow the links below to see more of each instrument.


FOR SALE:  A.B. Chase Reed Organ

Walnut case

3 original mirrors

11 stops

61 notes F1 - F5

4 sets of reeds

4 music storage areas

2 knee swells for expression

Bench included


 Parlor Organ for sale built by the A.B. Chase Company of Norwalk, Ohio. 

Parlor Organ for sale built by the A.B. Chase Company of Norwalk, Ohio. 


Violina, Diapason, Viol Etheria, Viola, Bass Coupler, Vox Humana, Treble Coupler, Vox Celeste, Echo Horn, Melodia, Dulcet


FOR SALE:  Estey Gothic Reed Organ

Walnut case

Intricate carving along sound grille

11 Stops

Knee Swells

Original Candle/Lantern stands

Bench included



SubBass, Melodia, Dolce, Viola, I Forte, Vox Humana, II Forte, Flute, Dulciana, Diapason, Harmonique

SOLD!!:  B. Schoninger "Cymbella" Reed Organ (With Bells)

Walnut Case

C. 1880

30 tuned bells

2 Music Cabinets

2 Knee Swells

2 Ranks of Reeds

Original Instructions on key fall

Beater Tremolo

Beautiful Carvings










Sheet Music and Books

Sheet Music and Books

Periodically I have used church choir music for sale, including choral music octavos, anthems, cantatas.  I list this music on eBay.  You can check out my inventory at any time by clicking the link below.

I also sell used pipe organ sheet music including hymn arrangements, classical organ selections, and other genres.  Check out my eBay listings below by clicking on the link.  Thanks!