This past Saturday, Laura and I went to buy a cello in Indiana, Pennsylvania. 

We met the fellow selling it at Indiana University, Pennsylvania (IUP), where he is a student.  In the room where he demonstrated the cello to us I was able to visit this AWESOME tracker pipe organ built by the

RJ Brunner Pipe Organ Company

.  I found out that it was originally built for a private residence and the owners donated the pipe organ, along with the largest monetary donation in their history to the

American Guild of Organists.

  This donation will go toward


and other endeavors.

The organ is a two-manual, mechanical action organ which comes to IUP via a special, renewable lease from the American Guild of Organists. The organ casework is gilded in 22-karat gold leaf, inspired by the early Pennsylvania German pipe organs built by

David Tannenberg

(1728–1804).   I didn't get to play it, but it was enough just to see it.  When I finally build my home tracker organ, I will definitely be inspired by this instrument.

An excellent time-lapse video of the installation can be found on YouTube:

A last look at the Tannenberg-inspired casework.