The Reed Organ collection of David Nestander will be at auction on Saturday, September 8, 2018 in Illinois at 101 S Depot St., Altona, IL.  Sheet Music, Etude Magazines, Reed Organ Method Books, and other items.

There are many reed organs for auction as well as player rolls, pianos, sheet music, repair tools and so forth.  Many reed or pump organs are pictured below.  ALL ORGANS ARE IN VARIOUS STATE OF CONDITION AND WILL NEED REPAIR / PARTS.

1.      Estey (1910) — two manual pedal (apart) refinished walnut case church organ

2.      Estey (1880) — two manual, no pedal board, original finish, walnut case

3.      Estey — large one manual chapel organ with oak case

4.      Hinners (Pekin, IL) art deco case, self-powered blower inside

5.      Mason & Hamlin Liszt organ with walnut case

6.      Clough & Warren parlor organ

7.      Flat top walnut parlor organs, names unknown

8.      Two Hinners (Pekin, IL) organs with fly wheel crank

9.      Story & Clark parlor organ

10.  Oak parlor organ with ornate panels

11.  Burdett flat top walnut organ with 1 1/2 keyboards

12.  Clough & Warren organ

13.  Mason & Hamlin chapel organ

14.  Fancy case organ

15.  Shoninger walnut parlor organ with bells

16.  Two upright pianos

17.  Many organ parts, including reeds, stop knobs and inside mechanical parts

Special arrangements can be made for removal of reed organs, but they MUST be removed by Wednesday, September 12th, 2018.

After many years of operating an antique store at this location, David Nestander has moved to a new home and no longer has need for this two story commercial building. This would be a great opportunity for a small business start-up or handy man to restore and re-sell or lease this building in a highly visible location on US Highway 34. We will also sell the remaining antique inventory, including a large collection of reed organs. Make plans to attend this unique auction!

A link to the auction can be found here, showing many more items available.